We believe in letting the customer choose

We know each business has different needs and objectives, yet all are focused on value. Tell us your business objectives and TOS will craft solutions that offer real choice, real value and really satisfied customers.

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We elevate your business

Continually expanding your customer base is vital for success. TOS helps you improve customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction, maximize prospect conversion rates and boost the bottom line while gaining important market intelligence. Real-time analytics drive immediate customer-first responses when we our teams identify opportunity. Reaction time is the key to elevating the customer experience.

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We maximize technology through Right Channeling

With Right Channeling, our exclusive customer choice platform and world-class technical infrastructure, TOS provides fully integrated, channel agnostic solutions and enhanced reporting capabilities to ensure our clients are capturing, tracking, measuring, and evaluating actionable data. These solutions are equally powerful not matter which communication method your customers chooses.

Maximum value is realized through clearer customer profiles, superior trending, higher customer satisfaction/retention and ultimately, an overall increase to our client’s bottom line. Our advanced, Cloud CRM and Telephony tools, specifically architected for you, unify today’s Omni-channels. Your support agents will offer the same, award winning support no matter how your customer chooses to communicate – telephone, email, chat or social media.

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Our Industry Experience Includes